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In February 1983, civil servant Dennis Nilsen was arrested after body parts were found to be blocking drains at the house where he lived. As the squad car drove him away, he confessed he had strangled 15 young men. But it wasn’t just the crimes that stunned the police, but the way Nilsen spoke. He said he loved the young men he killed. When newspapers carried stories of how the 37-year-old lured men back to his flat and why, the nation was shocked by his sheer evil. Yet some psychiatrists considered him a man of rare, complex, and extreme psychological problems.


Moreover, none of them had met a killer who seemed so keen to understand his own psyche. Whilst on remand in Brixton Prison, Nilsen filled 55 exercise books with thoughts. During his subsequent 30 years in prison he has continued to write—most notably on the first draft of a multi-volume autobiography—which the Home Office has banned.


Using exclusive access to Nilsen's writing and extensive independent research, Russ Coffey explains what Nilsen says and how much of it we can believe. This is a shocking glimpse into the mind of a killer.

Dennis Nilsen - Conversations with Britain's Most Evil Serial Killer 

With exemplary discipline Russ Coffey has examined Nilsen's moral and legal positions during the thirty years since his conviction... His conclusion, affirmed with painstaking, honest analysis, adds a further dimension to our understanding of the character of an addictive murderer. - Brian Masters (author of Killing for Company)