Guns N' Roses, London Stadium review - venue almost ruins night of glory; The Not in This Lifeti

From The Arts Desk It had been a perfect summer's day and the excitement before Friday night's gig was palpable. Everyone knew how Axl had aced it, right here, a year ago, filling in as AC/DC's lead singer. Around the stadium denim-clad punters sipped ice-cool beer and discussed how this reunion was going to sound. Many hoped that it would be just like when the classic line-up last played London in 1992. Except, this time, the sound quality would be better. Unfortunately, for many, the latter wasn't to be. As the band launched into "It's So Easy" smiles of anticipation turned into looks of disbelief - the acoustic at the back of the venue felt like sludge. The culprit seemed to be the phasin

theartsdesk Q&A: Musician Alison Moyet - 'Alf' talks mortality, people-watching and not

From The Arts Desk Alison Moyet is one of Britain's best-loved singer-songwriters. Known for her deep, soulful voice and down-to-earth personality she has managed to combine commercial sensibility with artistic integrity for over 30 years. Today, 16 June, she releases her ninth solo album Other, recorded with long-time collaborator Guy Sigsworth. Geneviève Alison Jane Moyet was born in Billericay, Essex to a French father and English mother. Her teenage years were spent playing in various punk and garage bands. In 1982 she formed the seminal new wave band Yazoo with former Depeche Mode keyboard player Vince Clarke. Their pioneering electronic sound produced the moody classics "Only You" and

CD: Alt-J - Relaxer "Cambridge art-rockers extend their ambitions, but can they maintain their

From The Arts Desk Some say Alt-J represent a paradox, blending, as they do, consummate artsiness with some absurdly catchy tunes. It's precisely this combination of ambition and accessibility that's helped them become one of Britain's most universally acclaimed bands. Everyone, it seems, has a soft spot for them, except, possibly, hipster journalists who feel they've sold out. Relaxer is a slightly different proposition. It's more ambitious than ever, and in places sublimely pretty, just not as immediate. The songs naturally divide into two groups. Firstly, there are a handful that still evoke the spirit of band's first album, An Awesome Wave - an indefinable melange of rhythmic folk, blues

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