Going Native - A Vision of Sustainable Architecture

For more than a decade Dr Sandra Piesik has had one abiding passion - researching how people around the world have traditionally provided shelter for themselves. Now she believes we urgently need to start embracing local building traditions to help protect the environment. Read in full on the Thames and Hudson website

CD: Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - Who Built The Moon The ex-Oasis man spreads his wings

From The Arts Desk First, an admission. I've never quite got the appeal of the Gallagher brothers. In particular, I've found their claims that each post-Oasis album represents some bold new horizon a little risible. And yet there is something intriguing about the brothers' 2017 output. Liam's As You Were came out a few weeks ago and now there's Noel's new one. True to form, the brothers have been trading insults all month. They've also been taking every opportunity to claim their album's the best. That is a matter of opinion. But what's indisputable is that the two records take opposite approaches. Liam's looks back to the glory years. Who Built the Moon? really seems to offer something new.

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