Dennis Nilsen obit in Daily Mail

Dennis Nilsen Obit in Daily Mail Dennis Nilsen liked to portray himself as a serial killer worthy of Hollywood, a sick genius like Hannibal Lecter, with the emotional complexity of Norman Bates in Psycho. In his own distorted mind he was a crusader, a poet, a composer and a wit, the Oscar Wilde of mass murderers. But in truth this deluded, manipulative murderer, who killed at least 12 people between 1978 and 1983, was essentially just a grubby sex offender who was lucky to have got away with his inadequate and disgusting crimes for as long as he rest of text on Mailonline

Roy Orbison In Dreams Hologram, Eventim Apollo review - it's a gig, Jim, but not as we know it A

From The Arts Desk. On Wednesday night, the music world took a small step closer to the realms of science fiction. Roy Orbison, 30 years dead, stood in front of a packed Hammersmith Apollo. It wasn't a resurrection, of course, but a hologram, and a damn fine one. Virtual Roy wiggled, turned around and occasionally thanked the audience. At one point he even looked like he was going to pick his nose (it turned out to be just a wipe). The audience responded with plentiful applause and open-mouthed wonder. The evening started in a very human way. The organisers had had the good sense to find a support act which exuded personable charm. The Hayley Sisters, Jo-Ann and Becky (plus husband) from Yor

CD: Manic Street Preachers - Resistance is Futile The Welsh rockers' 13th album is philosophical

From The Arts Desk Over the years the Manics have travelled a varied and adventurous musical path with styles ranging from punk to disco-rock. One thing has remained constant: their intense sense of righteousness. Until now. Resistance is Futile finds the band in a more relaxed mood. And curiously, it suits them rather well. The subtext of the album is the fading of the anger of youth. The tone is established on the first track, "People Give In", a kind of blend of Nick Cave's "People Ain't No Good" and Leiber/Stoller's "Is that all there is?". The sweeping chorus - "there is no theory of everything" - sets out a philosophical approach that runs throughout. It's especially evident on the alb

Joan As Police Woman: 'I was going to die if I didn't have some way to express myself' -

From The Arts Desk: Joan Wasser – aka Joan as Police Woman – is known as a sophisticated songwriter and a pretty groovy person. But most of all it’s her gorgeously warm voice that's earned her a cult following. Over seven albums her angst-ridden vocals have explored heartache and compulsion with a blend of soul and indie-rock. Damned Devotion, her latest LP, has been particularly well received, earning mainly four-star reviews. Her UK tour starts next week in Glasgow. Wasser was not always a singer. She started off her musical career playing violin in various youth orchestras, and later with the Boston University Symphony Orchestra. Wasser soon found playing orchestral music creatively stifl

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