Scorpions/ Megadeth, O2 Arena review - by turns lavish, silly and exhilarating : The Stone Free Fest

From The Arts Desk Scorpions stepped on stage wearing leather jackets and shades, and launched straight into "Going Out With a Bang". For a band who, only a few short years ago, were tempted by retirement, the song was a statement of intent. "No sign of slowing down," went the words. And boy did they mean it. Saturday night's concert was a thrilling, high-octane show full of dry-ice and guitar pyrotechnics. There was even a flying drum-kit. The evening, though, was not just about Scorpions. The band were appearing with Megadeth, as part of the Stone Free Festival. It was virtually a double-headline, and the two groups couldn't have presented more of a contrast. Dave Mustaine, Megadeth's pood

CD: Snow Patrol - Wildness Have the Northern Irish gloom-rockers developed a lighter touch?

From The Arts Desk Few bands divide opinion quite like Snow Patrol. Their fans see their slow, intense anthems as cathartic friends. Others - myself included - tend to regard their music as an insidious, dreary presence. As Nicky Wire (of the Manics) once put it, "the same drab little thing, over and over". Wildness, their first album in seven years, is being billed as being something completely different - more passionate, and with a lighter touch. Apparently, the shift in musical direction is down to various changes in the band members' lives. Singer Gary Lightbody has given up drinking. He's also been writing for Taylor Swift. Guitarist Johnny McDaid has been composing for the likes of Ed

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