what exactly is copy?

Copy, in the broadest sense, is simply words provided by a professional, aka a copywriter.


A copywriter's words need to more than just look nice - they need to do a job. Usually, that job is to persuade the reader into some course of action. Sometimes, they just need to charm and influence. 


You'll find copywriters' work everywhere, particularly in advertising and marketing. Still, it's not all high-budget stuff - everyone who has a website or blog also needs copy.


Maybe that's you? Maybe you've just set up a business or consultancy? And maybe you're tempted to write your website yourself?


Most people find that a copywriter does it better.


Here's how:



why hire a copywriter ?

Five benefits of using a professional copywriter:


  1. Good copy will surprise and captivate and still keep things clear. And brief.

  2. An experienced writer understands tone and knows when to jazz things up or play it straight.

  3. Web copywriters can often help you with other aspects of your site, like blogs and newsletters.

  4. Professional copy makes you and your product more charismatic...and helps sell.

  5. Copywriters understand search engines and how to get you found.

why Russ?

Russ has worked as a professional writer for twenty years. He's not just experienced with words - he's good on the technical aspects of websites and blogs, and can produce such things as HTML email newsletters. 


He's also very easy to work with with reasonable rates.


And no, he doesn't always talk about himself in the third person.


You can contact Russ HERE.