CD: in analysis - mothers An album of real-life stories celebrates Mother's Day

From The Arts Desk Looking to the 'net to help fund a project is nothing new. Getting strangers to help with the actual creative process, though, is still pretty novel. It's what David Schweitzer's In Analysis project does. Schweitzer is best known for children's TV scores, like Charlie and Lola. Now he and collaborator Mary Richards have created a virtual analyst's couch. Visitors to their website were invited to anonymously submit personal stories, on the theme of mothers, which Schweitzer then turned into songs. The album comprises 11 tales of people's experiences of the person who brought them into the world. Musically, the overall feel is poppy, catchy and full of positive emotion. Ma y

CD: Myles Kennedy - Year of the Tiger The rocker from Spokane pens a good old-fashioned concept albu

From The Arts Desk Huge-voiced rock singer Myles Kennedy is best known for two things: first, his day-job as Alter Bridge frontman and, second, the extra-curricular work he does with Slash. In neither capacity could you exactly call his approach subdued. Alter Bridge produce a kind of revved-up alt-metal, while Slash continues to plough his bluesy hard-rock furrow. For his debut solo album Kennedy changes down a gear. It's an emotionally raw, stripped-back work that occasionally evokes acoustic Led Zeppelin. Year of the Tiger is not just introspective, it's also deeply personal. The title is a reference to 1974, the Chinese "year of the tiger" when Kennedy's father died of appendicitis. His

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